Red-LED Exit Sign-Battery Backup-Flame-Retardant-Single or Double Face

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This LED exit sign is a dependable emergency lighting solution designed to meet safety and compliance requirements in commercial and industrial areas. The integrated battery backup offers 90+ minutes of illumination after being charged for 24 hours. For certifications, the included red and green inserts aide in sign visibility while the switch inside the light allows for personalized color selection. Increase versatility with the extra faceplate for double-sided signage or remove the arrows to point to the exit direction. It is crafted from flame-retardant thermoplastic with a charge indicator and test button, while the red and green diffusers are provided for compliance to building codes.


  • Built-in battery backup with 90+ minutes of emergency lighting
  • 24 hour full recharge time
  • Constructed with flame-retardant thermoplastic
  • Fixture is single or double sided
  • UL 924 Listed

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