About Us

Ledsion Light Mission statement:

Our mission statement has always been clear-to delivering high-quality products at competitive prices while also providing excellent service whenever you need help or advice from one of their team members!

Ledsion Light near you has been an innovator in commercial and industrial lighting for more than two decades. We offer high-quality products at competitive prices with cutting-edge technology that will meet your needs no matter what! Ledsion Light in Dallas uses Tensile testers to test each light thoroughly before it ships out to you, and we ensure that these lights are of the same quality you find on the market.

Principles we work on:

Ledsion Light, near Dallas, TX, believes that the world of lighting is a big one with many places to buy lights. To learn more about us, let's talk through our 4 fundamental principles:


Trust is an essential part of any successful relationship. We will maintain a high degree of trust with our customers, partners, and each other by always doing what we say on the label - no surprises! Candor goes both ways; let's keep communication open and honest so that all can benefit from this partnership together.

Customer Focus:

Ledsion Light will strive to meet and exceed the needs of our customers in Dallas and outside Texas with innovative solutions that provide long-term value for their business. Our exceptional service sets us apart from other companies in this industry, ensuring you get more than just a good product - but also peace of mind when it comes time to make changes or upgrades down the road!


To be successful, businesses need to grow. And the only way we can do that is by focusing on individual growth and driving company-wide profit margins higher through change initiatives like innovation or acquisition opportunities (which ultimately lead back to increasing our stake in the business).


We are committed to developing everyone’s skills to be successful in their role. We celebrate the team when we all succeed together!

Ledsion Light's commitment to quality customer service is evident in the number of repeat customers who frequently visit Ledsion Light stores in Dallas, TX, and online stores. We love collaborating with clients on lighting projects, so we're always innovating - constantly seeking out new ways for you to make your space more beautiful!

Team Performance:

The team at Ledsion Light Consultants has the experience you need to take your design project from start to finish. Whether it's just a consultation or a sale of lights, our skilled professionals will be glad to provide a custom solution that fits your budget requirements!

Advanced LED Solution is a leading provider of energy-efficient lights that will save you money and time. Our inventory has been carefully curated to keep up with the latest innovations in LED technology, ensuring we always offer our customers top-quality products at unbeatable prices!