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LED lighting for Aerospace & Aviation

LED lighting for Aerospace & Aviation

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The LED lighting in the aerospace and aviation industries is gaining popularity with many organizations enjoying the benefits of reliable illumination with long life, low power consumption & low maintenance. Airports and aerospace manufacturing sites throughout the world are upgrading to LEDs systems for significant cost reduction, improved energy efficiency, and optimal working conditions for staff.
Lighting an airport, for example, can be complicated due to the number of applications involved. Choosing an LED solution that presents the right color temperature can have a significant impact on the feel & functionality of that space. Open areas such as security areas, departure lounges, car parks, and airport hangers will benefit from a brighter, cleaner, evenly distributed light. Whereas bars, restaurants, and some retail outlets within the terminal will install warm mood lighting to create the aspired ambiance.
LEDSION is Shenzhen china based led lights manufacturer. We focus on commercial led lights and outdoor lights, research production, and sales. These LED solutions are widely recognized as amongst the most reliable, well-engineered & innovative LED lights on the market and have been installed at several airports and aerospace manufacturing sites across the country.
The extensive LEDSION range allows customers to choose an LED light source that delivers precisely the right amount & type of light to each area. They switch on immediately at full brightness, are maintenance-free & guaranteed for five years. The advantages of switching to LED lighting for an organization include immediate energy savings, safety, superior light quality, and security.

Immediate Energy Savings

The main Advantages of upgrading to LED lighting is the substantial energy savings that can be made. Evaluation of LEDSION LED products has demonstrated energy savings of up to 85%, and besides, maintenance savings of up to 100% can be obtained. The expected return on investment calculations shows full payback from as little as three months. Therefore, a new installation can primarily be funded from the energy savings alone.
The installation of LEDSION LED luminaires at various sites within China, USA, and Canada has resulted in instant energy savings of up to 77%. Return on investment was on target & achieved within 24 months, following lengthy in-situ trials. The clients are delighted that LEDSION met their corporate lighting plan by precisely matching the color output of existing lighting to satisfy their various installation sites & by ensuring minimal maintenance with zero lamp failures during the trial period.
Another satisfied customer is Pattonair, global aerospace, and defense supply chain provider who has decreased its lighting energy costs by 40% following the induction of low energy, high-performance G5 LED Battens from the Tanlite range, replacing outdated, power-hungry fluorescent tubes within the aerospace’s warehouse, inspection & kitting areas. The installation has resulted in a 40% decrease in kilowatt-hours, which is spot on target with their original forecast.

Superior Light Quality 

The LED Lights have a better quality of light distribution & focus light in a specific direction as opposed to fluorescent illumination that spreads the light more spherically. LEDSION LED lighting provides directional light that gives optimum visibility that is glare & flicker-free. In aviation & aerospace environments where long working hours are the norm, high lighting levels are crucial not only to improve employee performance but for the overall safety and efficiency in the workplace. Inadequate lighting increases the risk of errors and accidents, which, in the aviation industry, is not an option.
A leader & strategic manufacturer of aerospace engineering elements was thrilled with achieving up to 80% energy savings & the improved working conditions in the production factory and inspection area at its manufacturing site in Hampshire after upgrading to LEDSION LED High Bays.

Safety & Security

Passenger safety & security is a high priority for any airport, and light has a crucial role to play. A sufficient lighting system can mirror natural daylight during hours of darkness to fit with the 24/7 nature of many busy airports and illuminate accessed areas, for example, walkways & car parks. Eliminating pockets of the night with a reliable LED illumination system will give travelers greater peace of mind and a better overall journey. 
Organizations can fund lighting replacement programs from their operating budgets by taking advantage of  Bright Plan LED leasing scheme. That allows the replacement lights to be paid for directly by the energy savings, & the customer will own the lights entirely at the end of the lease. LEDSION offers businesses a free site survey which will give a detailed breakdown of the installed cost, suitable replacement light fittings, and the return on investment from savings on energy and maintenance costs. They also guarantee all LEDSION LED lighting for five years, creating installation risk-free.


LEDSION is Shenzhen China-based led lights manufacturer, and we focus on commercial led lights and outdoor lights research production and sales.