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UL ETL DLC Quality Bright LED Lighting. 
Founded in 2003, LEDSION LIGHTING has been serving many 500 Fortune Companies like COCO-COLA, ALCO, MARS etc. LEDSION is a High Tech Group Holding Company, Focusing on Commercial and Industrial led lights R&D and sales,now it owns over 800 QPL products in DLC, https://www.designlights.org/search/ over 70 Inventions, Patents and ISO. LEDSION has below best Sellers  :
1. UL cUL LED Parking Lot Shoebox Light 60W-450W
2. UL cUL Linear Highbay 50-300w 2ft 4ft.
3. UL cUL LED Retrofit Kits, replace 250w 400w 1000w MH light.
4. ETL cETL LED Wall Packs 24W-150W,
5. UL cUL LED UFO Highbay 100W-600W 
6. UL cUL LED Canopy Light Parking Garage light 45W-150W
7. ETL cETL LED Flood Light 20W-200W
8. ETL cETL LED Street Light 60-200W, ALL In One Solar LED Streetlight. 
9. UL cUL LED Troffer Light 2*2, 2*4ft.
10. UL cUL Energy Star Commercial Downlight 4'' 6'' 8'' 10''
11. UL LED Emergency Back Up Battery 12w 18w 25w
12. UL LED Triproof Light 2FT,4FT
13. UL ETL LED Tubes 12W 15W 18W 150lm/w
14. ETL cETL LED Shop light 4ft 40W-80W motion sensor
15. Exit & Emergency Signs.

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