About Our Store

Founded in 2003, LEDSION LIGHTING, Research and Development Center manufacturer of quality LED chips based in Shenzhen, China, possesses 70+ patents and 836 QPL LED Lights, some utilized in today’s LED marketplace.

In 2008, LEDSION with a vision of expanding company growth decided to open its first LED Lighting fixtures production line dedicated to manufacturing high quality commercial and industrial LED products sold through distribution channels USA.

Today, LEDSION Lighting employs more than 250 people in China ,USA and Canada. Our products have a proven track record with exceptional standards in durability and quality. We continue to believe that delivering quality products and providing the best service / support is the key to our long-term future success.

1. UL DLC LED Parking Lot Shoebox Light 60W-450W
2. UL DLC Linear Highbay 50-300W 2ft 4ft.
3. UL DLC LED Sport Lights 500-1200W,
4. ETL DLC LED Wall Packs 24W-150W,
5. ETL DLC LED UFO Highbay 100W-600W 
6. UL DLC LED Canopy Parking Garage light 45W-150W
7. ETL DLC LED Flood Light 20W-200W
8. ETL DLC LED Street Light 60-200W, ALL In One Solar 5000LM Street light. 
9. UL DLC LED Troffer Light 2*2, 2*4ft.
10. UL Energy Star Commercial Downlight 4'' 6'' 8'' 10''
11. UL LED Emergency Back Up Battery 12w 18w 25w
12. UL DLC LED Triproof Light 2FT,4FT
13. UL DLC LED Tubes 12W 15W 18W 150lm/w
14. ETL cETL LED Shop light 4ft 40W-80W motion sensor
15. Exit & Emergency Signs.